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Deep Meaningful Connections

I have this longing of getting to know people at a really deep level, more than the one person I’m currently in love with.

It’s hard, so hard though, to speak my thought when I’m sitting next to you [anyone]. I don’t want to open myself. My inner heart is sealed, a turtle shell with spikes on the outside, like the blue shell in Mario Kart. I wish there was some sort of magic spell that could open my shell. But there is, there are two spells; when you open up first or when you ask me those personal questions the shell opens up and out comes words… precious words.

Intro- and Extroverted Batteries

In September my social circle expanded quite a lot. During this month I found myself with more energy than before, but I was also more exhausted. To sum everything up I moved from one apartment into a student corridor (shared with 6 other people) and I started studying instead of just working on my own. It’s quite obvious that my social circle expanded due to those two things, but I’ve also taken more initiative talking to people and doing stuff :) To my thoughts…

Core Principles

After watching this talk about inventing on a principle I started thinking on what kind of core principles I have that I live by, or try to live by. The talk isn’t really about core principles, rather it’s about finding your calling in life. This in itself is something worth discussing, but currently I’m more inspired to write and discover my own core principles. So what do I really mean by core principles? To me it’s a set of rules that I strive to follow and uphold regardless of what. If I break any of these principles my self-esteem takes a toll, I feel […]

Strategies For Rising Early

Do you have one habit or belief that greatly limits your actions? My habit is rising early from bed, or rather not rising early from bed. Some days and weeks everything goes well, others days I can sleep until 11am on workdays and even longer on weekends. I’ve been working on solutions for 6 years now and I’m starting to doubt there is a permanent solution to this problem; whenever I come up with one strategy the mind comes up with a counter-strategy, stupid mind (or intelligent). Sometimes I’ve thrown in the towel, but after a week or two I get tired of not […]

Being Fully Present

Before 8th of March 2014 I didn’t know, and in fact didn’t believe you could be “fully” present. How wrong I was… Lets back up one day. I’m driving in my car from Lund towards Södertuna Slott (Castle) located just outside Gnesta, about an hour south-west from Stockholm. The weather is warm, the sun is out and you can feel the leaves could spring from the trees at any moment. As I sit in my car driving for 4 hours and still 2 hours to go I started wondering what the weekend would be like. As you might have guessed by […]

Sharing Your Fears

How often do you share your fears? Quite recently (February and March) I only shared a few of my fears to a partner. I thought that if I’d share my inner-most fears they would certainly come true, which in itself is a fear now that I think of it. A fear I had was telling another person I might had developed some feelings for them, I say might because I was unsure since it was a weird and not recognizable feeling. I feared that if I shared this with them they wouldn’t want to hang around with me any longer. The previous […]

Stress And Why It Disappears

Disclaimer: These are my thought In the order they popped up in my head. I wrote this to try to get some clarity. I’m not sure how good the content really is, it could be great it could be the worst post ever xD Recently I had 6 stressful events in my life. One stressful event vanished yesterday quite suddenly; this got me wondering why stressful events can become fine even though the situation hasn’t changed. One thing that did change was that I got an almost definite answer if I would get to keep my apartment (sublet) or not. Not knowing […]

Which Desires Do I Continue To Explore?

This is a continuation of my previous post today The Day After; this post will be easier to understand if you’ve read it What things should you keep on doing, which things should you try once or thrice? I asked this question at the end of the previous post and said I didn’t really know. I still don’t know the answer because I think the question is incorrect and actually asks two things. While I was brushing my teeth this morning I had a sensation that I could actually feel and trust my intuition on what I want to continue with and not continue with. […]

The Day After

What feelings do you have the day after you’ve done something new and inspiring? By day after I’m referring to myself as I created this blog and wrote a post yesterday. It was something new and definitely inspiring. I feel even more inspired to write today—actually I wrote an about page yesterday too, as I wanted to write even more :P. I’m wondering how many have had the time to read my last post. It feels a bit scary, but mostly refreshing and I almost get an adrenaline rush just by thinking about it 😀 One thing I wanted to do yesterday was […]

Discovering Desires

So I have started blogging again on yet another blog, I’m not really sure what the content for this blog will be. Maybe some sort of personal development blog with my own practices and experiences rather than giving tips; or I it might be more of a personal blog where I talk about issues, thoughts and my view of life. I started blogging again because I had an inspiration spike today and asked myself “what would I love to do right now?” and I really felt like writing something. I didn’t know what form the writing would take; maybe in a longer […]